About Anglofin


Anglofin is managed by Andrew Jewitt.

About Us

We are the sole UK importers of Blizzard and western snow ploughs and ice clearence equipment. This equipment is manufactured in the USA and distributed throught Europe by Hilltop, the European arm of the Blizzard company. Anglofin is solely responsible for the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Markets.

At Anglofin we have recognised a gap in the market for our products in that, we are not trying to compete with existing machinery out there i.e purpouse built HGV gritting and snowplough trucks, but by complementing them and increasing there viability. Most authorities and snow clearing companies use this type of vehicle at this time for snow clearance and gritting which in itself creates its own limitations by, only operatives with a HGV licence can drive them and the physical size and nature of the trucks makes it inefficient and impractical for them to be used in inner cities, small towns, housing estates, hospitals and carparks etc. The products we bring to the market will help and complement the larger vehicles by allowing them to concentrate on what they were designed for i.e. Motorways, dual carrageways, main A and B roads, this increases speed and productivity. By increasing productivity and using smaller vehicles fuel economy is greatly improved, and if you can get the snow moved of the road before it freezes you do not always need to spread salt. Plus greatly redusing the amount of salt needed means you can save money on salt and being of greater value to the enviroment by using less salt.

How It Works

All authorities in winter time are faced with staffing problems due to there winter maintenance. We are aiming at the staff and vehicles that they do have avalible but cannot be used to there full advantage. The vehicles they have are tipper trucks from 1ton - 3.5ton capacity which are used for regular road maintenance and day to day work and 4x4 pickups used for municiple jobs. For the price of one purpose built HGV we can equip approx 20 vehicles of this type increasing miles 20 fold, by utillising staff and equipment already avalible but were unable to be used before, therefore gaining a vast increase in productivity and efficency without having to use outside contractors. Most European trucks can be fitted with our snow plough blades.These products have been tried and tested in the USA and Europe, manufactured by one of the USA's leading manufacturers. As well as snow ploughs we also supply salt spreaders and ice chaser poly electric hopper with capacities of 1.2 - 1.5 - 2.0 M3 which fit in to the load area of a pickup truck and 4x4's, these are very strong, light, easy and quick to fit. We also have a poly electric hopper spinner with a 225 ltr capacity which fits onto the tailgate of any type of truck or pickup, which is also quick and easy to fit. Both salt spreaders are fully adjustabe on the move by electronic control, both spread width and application rate can be adjusted. Either of these products complement the blizzard snow ploughs and further increase efficency, productivity and footprint on the ground.